Fertilization advice after ice and snow

Which crops have the impact of recent ice and snow?
In recent days, China's crops have been subjected to a large number of ice and snow cooling weather. Many farmers have asked which crops have a big impact on ice and snow.
Experts: This year, China's snow and ice cooling is large, wide-ranging and long-lasting. The most seriously affected people in the north are greenhouse vegetables. The most seriously affected in the Jianghuai region and the Yangtze River Basin are rice trees, rapeseed and citrus.
What is the humidity in the shed and the length of the dish?
Mr. Han of Qingzhou, Shandong Province said that his greenhouse was very tight, not being crushed by snow, and vegetables were not frozen to death, but the humidity in the shed was very high, and the vegetables could not grow up. What should I do next?
Expert: Three suggestions: First, the humidity is light. When the weather turns sunny and the temperature rises, the shed will be ventilated and ventilated, but the shed will not be too strong, otherwise the sudden loss of water will cause “flashing seedlings”. The old leaves of the lower part of the plant can also be removed to reduce nutrient consumption and enhance ventilation and light transmission; in order to reduce water evaporation, plastic film can be laid on the ground and water-saving fertigation methods such as drip irrigation and foliar spraying can be used. For example, in the strawberry greenhouse of Ms. Pinggu of Beijing, the whole bed surface was covered with black plastic film before transplanting, and drip irrigation technology was adopted. Therefore, the evaporation of the ground was reduced, and the ground temperature was increased, so that the strawberries in the fruit harvesting period smoothly passed the ice and snow. . The second is to supplement nutrition. For vegetables that are not damaged or lightly damaged, spray 1~2 times of 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, and spray 1~2 times 0.3% urea solution on yellow and nitrogen-deficient plants. Due to the weak seedling, the concentration of the spray fertilizer should not be too high; it should be noted that the nitrogen fertilizer should not be applied excessively, and the soil should be covered after application. Because the ammonia volatilization seedling accident is prone to occur under the conditions of greenhouse closure. The third is to prevent pests and diseases. Low temperature and high humidity can easily breed and spread gray mold, etc. It is necessary to clean up the fallen leaves in time and strengthen the prevention and control of pests and diseases by applying aerosols.
In short, vegetable greenhouses should catch three points in anti-ice and snow disasters: first, warming and dampness, ventilation and light; second, rational fertilization, increase nutrition; third, strengthen pest control.
How to manage water and fertilizer under the conditions of ice and snow disaster?
Farmers in the wheat-producing area asked, when the spring season came to the wheat topdressing period, how should water and fertilizer management be carried out under the conditions of ice and snow disasters?
Experts: First understand the general rule of post-disaster management of wheat: the degree of damage to wheat in different regions and plots is different, and countermeasures should be taken separately in management. For example, the wheat areas in North China and the northwestern part of the country are mostly winter and semi-winter wheat, among which the weak seedlings that are late sow are susceptible to damage; the Yangtze River Basin and the Jianghuai wheat area are mostly spring or weak winter wheat, among which the early sowing seedlings are easy. Victimized. In particular, rice buckwheat will suffer from freezing damage and damage at the same time. In the same wheat area, seedlings, soil moisture and fertility are different, and different water and fertilizer management measures should be taken.
What should I do if the buckwheat is buried in the snow?
Ms. Liang from Tianchang City, Anhui Province, said that her family's wheat is rice buckwheat, which is still buried in the snow. What should I do in the future?
Experts: Wheat in the Jianghuai region generally returns to green in February. The over-wet and low temperature in the rice field is not conducive to wheat growth, and the fertilizer effect after fertilization is difficult to play. Therefore, we must promptly clean up and deepen the "three ditch" (cavity, lumbar ditch and furrow), and loosen the soil in time to reduce the groundwater level and increase the ground temperature. In March, I got up and joined the festival, and then according to the seedling stage, I applied the appropriate fertilizer. Generally, 5 to 15 kilograms of urea is applied to the acre, and the soil is thin and the seedlings are weak, and the early application is applied;
If the snow is big, will the wheat field be watered and fertilized in spring?
Mr. Yu of Baoding, Hebei, said that the wheat field should be watered and fertilized in the spring, but this year's snow is very big. How to manage it?
Experts: Several heavy snows this year have effectively alleviated the spring drought in the northern wheat area, which is good for wheat growth; but the resulting low temperature is not good for wheat greening and fertilizer efficiency. In view of this situation, it is recommended to properly postpone the fertilizer application period and conduct water and fertilizer management as appropriate. If it is weak seedlings, the bottom fertilizer is insufficient, and the soil moisture is sufficient, the traditional practice of watering after the application of the soil should be changed, and the fertilizer can be applied after the soil is applied. Even the wheat fields that are not topdressed should be ploughed and soiled. (Senior Consultant of Sinofert, China Agricultural University Professor Wang Xingren) Source: Farmers Daily
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