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What machining centers are used to produce the much-needed bronze parts? Use suitable machine tools with suitable cutting oils. They are familiar with the machine users' daily production plans.
The first issue is that the applicable machining center must be found in a short time. Then also consider whether the cutting fluid used on the machine is suitable or needs to be replaced. Because not all cutting oils are suitable for processing many different materials. For Motorex in Langenthal, Switzerland, this has been a thing of the past since the introduction of Ortho NF-X cutting oil. Whether it is high alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum or cast iron, this cutting oil is suitable.
Seven reasons to use Ortho NF-X can make the machine you use the best. It is of great significance to manufacturers who frequently process different material products in different batches. Today, the delivery date requirements previously proposed by customers have become a special condition that has a decisive impact on the successful achievement of sales targets. How long has it been, the chaotic situation of multiple processing fluids will eventually become a thing of the past.
Motorex's Swisscut Ortho NF-X cutting fluid. The first step has been taken in the right direction. Ortho NF-X cutting fluid is a universal cutting oil derived from Vmax. The focus when developing Ortho NF-X is to increase productivity, extend tool life and achieve optimal processing results. At the same time, users are also aware of the benefits of using the product. Cutting oil manufacturers offer seven advantages with regard to the use of Ortho NF-X.

Vmax technology can reduce costs. This cutting oil:

* Can be used for any material plus T:
* Excellent processing results and short workpiece processing time:
* Due to extended tool life. Thereby reducing production costs:
* Light taste. Slightly turbid, free of heavy metals and chlorine;
* The workpiece can be directly cleaned, fast and thorough;
* Adopted new additive technology. No effect on coatings, paints, sealing materials or non-ferrous metals:
* List of pest indicators according to Bosch, Daimler and VDA. It is the ideal product for the production of medical equipment.

According to Motorex's own statistics, Vmax technology has set a new milestone for the advancement of cutting technology. It also takes advantage of the heat generated during processing to positively impact the process at the highest speeds (Figure 2). To ensure that the heat is concentrated in a defined area, a so-called "friction modifier" is employed to limit the accumulation of friction and heat. Because Ortho NF-X provides balanced filling additives, users can benefit from the technology of superimposed chemistry and increase productivity. Using this technology, the interaction of more than 12 materials can optimize the processing and surface quality of the town.  

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