China's railway freight rate increases by an average of 7% per ton-km

From 0:00 on December 13, the average freight rate of Chinese railway goods will increase by 7% per ton.
The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Railways announced on the evening of the 12th that from the 13th, the average freight rate per ton of national railway freight increased from the current 9.61 points to 10.31 points. Among them, the operating price increased from an average of 6.31 cents per ton-km to 7.01 cents, and the railway construction fund maintained the current standard of 3.3 cents per ton-km.
China Railway has developed on a large scale in recent years. The cost of depreciation, maintenance and materials has been rising steadily, and the freight rate is relatively low, resulting in a large loss in railway operations for the past two years last year. The price increase will help improve the operation of the railway.
Relevant parties said that the appropriate increase in railway freight prices will also contribute to the coordinated development of railways and highways. China's road freight prices generally range from 4 to 4 cents per ton-km, while rail freight prices are only 9.61 points, less than 25 percent of the road freight price, which also causes the railway capacity to be tight and the pressure is too high.

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