Application of seed fertilizer "five no choice"

    Fertilizer refers to fertilizer applied to or mixed with seeds when planted or planted. When the fertilizer is applied properly, it can meet the nutrient needs of the crop in time, and save the labor of topdressing; if improperly applied, it will damage the seed. Therefore, pay attention to "five no choices" when applying seed fertilizer:

    First, do not choose a fertilizer with corrosive effects. Ammonium bicarbonate and ammonia water are volatile and corrosive. They are easy to smear seeds and seedlings. Superphosphate contains free sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid, which can cause damage to seed germination and seedling growth. Generally, it is not suitable for seed fertilizer. Such fertilizers should be applied under the seeding ditch or separated from the seed by a certain soil layer, or mixed with superphosphate and soil fertilizer.

    The second is not to choose a fertilizer with toxic effects. Urea contains a small amount of biuret, which is toxic to seeds and seedlings.

    The third is not to choose fertilizers containing harmful ions. Chemical fertilizers such as potassium chloride and ammonium chloride contain chloride ions, which, when applied to the soil, produce water-soluble chlorides, which are detrimental to seed germination and seedling growth. The nitrate ions contained in fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate and potassium nitrate also have an effect on seed germination.

    Fourth, do not choose strong alkaline fertilizer. Strong alkaline fertilizers such as kiln ash potassium fertilizer and steel slag phosphate fertilizer should not be used as seed fertilizer. The kiln ash potassium fertilizer has strong hygroscopicity, and releases a large amount of heat after absorbing water, which easily burns out seeds and radicles. When it is necessary to make a seed fertilizer, it must be mixed with organic fertilizer, applied to the seeding ditch, and then planted with soil.

    The fifth is not to choose unfertilized farmyard manure. In rural areas, manure, manure and urine are commonly used as seed fertilizers. If they are not decomposed, a large amount of heat is released during the fermentation process, and the roots are easily burned, and ammonia is burned to burn the seedlings. Therefore, the unfertilized organic fertilizer should not be applied, and it can be fertilized after being fermented at high temperature and fully decomposed. In production, ammonium sulfate, superphosphate, heavy superphosphate, and decomposed organic fertilizer can be applied as seed fertilizers.

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