Application of Computer Aided Innovation in Agricultural Machinery New Product Development (2)

1.3.2 General Process for Solving Innovative Design Problems with CAI Software

The general process for solving innovative design problems with CAI software is:

Analyze the essence of the problem, decompose and analyze the initial problem, semantically process the decomposed problem for query, enter the innovation principle library and the innovative knowledge base search, obtain the inspiring scheme, evaluate the income plan, and combine the actual generation to generate the best feasible solution.

2 Application of computer-aided innovation in agricultural machinery manufacturing

2.1 The process of conceptual design using computer-aided innovation

At present, agricultural machinery manufacturers lack the operability of theoretical tools and methods to guide enterprise product innovation and process innovation, lack a unified and complete theoretical framework, and do not make full use of today's highly developed computer-aided technology. For this reason, the author proposes computer-aided innovation. Technology, establish the idea of ​​supporting the theoretical framework of enterprise product innovation and process innovation, apply the theory and method of computer-aided innovation to the whole life cycle of agricultural machinery products, and guide product innovation and process innovation. In the agricultural machinery manufacturing, the general process of conceptual design using computer-aided innovation technology is shown in Figure 2.

2.2 Examples of results obtained from the application of TRIZ theory for agricultural product processing machinery innovation

The shelling machinery of sunflower seeds is shown in Figure 3.

1) Innovative concept: Separating fruits with high pressure

2) Method step: Put the sunflower into a sealed container; pressurize, the pod in the container flows out of the container; the pressure drops rapidly, and the gas penetrates the outer casing under high pressure expansion, and the fruit is separated from the outer casing.

3 Agricultural machinery innovation should pay attention to the problem

3.1 Strengthening the organization of technological innovation and guiding the establishment of professional consulting services

One of the important basic tasks for implementing technological innovation is to understand the research trends and directions of advanced agricultural mechanization technology and to grasp the key points of scientific research and development. At the same time, it is necessary to establish an incentive mechanism for technology development and transformation. To this end, the agricultural machinery authorities should strengthen the organization and guidance work, and recommend the establishment of agricultural mechanization consulting service agencies in accordance with the principle of enterprise management, specializing in the activities of scientific research dynamic information service results transaction transformation.

3.2 Agricultural machinery technology innovation should complement agricultural biotechnology innovation

Only through the innovation of technical engineering can agricultural biotechnology resources be transformed into agricultural material wealth, thereby promoting the rational development of agricultural resources, improving the agricultural ecological environment, improving the comprehensive agricultural production capacity of China, and promoting the sustainable development of China's agriculture.

3.3 Combination of agricultural machinery technology innovation and agronomic measures

The combination of agricultural machinery technology innovation and agronomic measures can increase production, such as rice breeding, planting supporting technology and machinery, small and medium-sized rice harvesting equipment, walking water-saving irrigation machinery, precision semi-fine seeding machinery, and chemical fertilizer deep application combined operation machinery. , seed processing and greenhouse cultivation equipment, etc. The stimulation effect and economic benefits of these technologies are very significant and have been accepted by the majority of farmers. Further promotion should be further strengthened.

3.4 To achieve the combination of production, learning, research, promotion and management through the organization and implementation of the development and production of major new agricultural machinery products and supporting equipment, give full play to the social forces, and guide the agricultural machinery enterprises to increase the research and development of key technologies and products through the market. Through policy support, scientific research and development, demonstration and promotion, and market mechanism, a sustainable agricultural mechanization technology innovation system and a benign cycle development promotion system will be gradually formed.

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