Development and development of ATHD-030 CNC press machine (2)

Abstract : This paper develops the ATHD-030 CNC press machine in combination with the actual needs of engine production. The industrial control unit is the core control unit. Based on the Linux operating system, the PCL839 position control card and PW24-24 input and output card are used to realize the position control and discrete logic control of the machine tool. It effectively solves the problem that the number of engines that can not be adapted by manual pinning, the large batch size and the short delivery period, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

4. CNC system software design

The CNC system software development is based on the Linux operating system, and Linux is free software, so that the CNC system with independent copyright can be developed. The system is divided into the following modules according to functions: man-machine interface management, machine tool manual control, teaching function, machine tool automatic control, workpiece parameter backup, etc. The man-machine interface adopts the all-Chinese interface of Windows-like, realizes the setting and modification of the machine structure parameters and process parameters through the universal keyboard; in the manual control mode, the jog and the origin return control of the machine tool coordinate axis can be performed. The output point is manually controlled; the teaching function can be used to record the manually controlled trajectory and used to automatically control the machine tool movement; in the automatic mode, the workpiece is machined according to the preset trajectory. When the workpiece type is changed, the workpiece with the set process parameters can be backed up for re-fetching in the future.

Figure 3 is a flow chart of automatic processing. For each pin hole position, the position in the machine coordinate system can be calculated according to the design size of the workpiece, and directly filled into the table provided by the numerical control system, thereby achieving precise positioning.

5 Conclusion

After the installation and function debugging of the ATHD-030 CNC pinning machine, the HP5528A dual-frequency laser interferometer was used to test its positioning accuracy and repeatability. The test results show that the machine tool is calculated at 3s/min accuracy at 3m/min. Method: Positioning accuracy is 12μm, repeatability is 25μm, which meets the design requirements of machine tools.

During the one-month trial period, the machine tool runs stably and reliably, with high control precision, and averages one workpiece per minute. When replacing the product, you only need to reset the pin hole position, no need to retrain the operator. It can fully adapt to the actual needs of engineering with multiple varieties, large quantities and short delivery cycles.

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