Wardrobe enterprise under the best-selling hardcover room


In this era of ever-increasing pace of life, more and more people do not have the time and energy to carefully renovate their houses. In this context, hardcover rooms are gradually gaining popularity and gaining the favor of many consumers. For the wardrobe enterprises, this will undoubtedly bring about a larger market for the future development of the enterprise. However, at present, the wardrobe enterprises themselves still have certain deficiencies. To get this piece of soup, it is urgent to work hard on channel expansion.

Hardcover housing market is popular

It is understood that in the past few years, due to the immaturity of the market and policies, some developers only used fine decoration as a gimmick, and did not really implement it in actual operation. Semi-finished houses or clean water houses are still the mainstream of the property market. However, in recent years, after cultivating the market, the hardcover room market has been hot. Leading developers such as Vanke, Evergrande, etc. continue to join in, Ronghui, Xiexin, etc. Many brand housing companies have their own hardcover projects, and continue to explore and innovate, accumulating rich experience in hardcover projects.

At the same time, according to a recent survey by a real estate agency, more than 60% of home buyers in many major urban areas across the country have expressed their willingness to accept and purchase hardcover finished houses. Time-saving and labor-saving, at the same time, it can avoid major renovation and demolition during decoration, and can be moved in after the house is delivered. "Post-80s" has a higher demand and acceptance of hardcover rooms. "It's usually too busy, and I really don't have the energy to install a house." A white-collar worker said that he and his girlfriend are exhausted from working every day, and the family is not around. It is best to buy a house and live directly.

Wardrobe enterprises urgently need to expand channels

In the case of limited growth of customers, the increase in wardrobe stores, community marketing, group purchases, and affiliate marketing all divert customers to a certain extent, which has greatly affected the performance of many brand wardrobes. In the grim situation, more and more wardrobe companies realize that broadening channels in multiple directions is the only way to face the development of the brand.

Under the general trend of real estate hardcover rooms, the expansion of engineering channels, the improvement of later installation services and the design and matching of spaces are undoubtedly a test of the adaptability and comprehensive strength of wardrobe companies. Wardrobe enterprises need to collect relevant engineering information through various channels, establish engineering customer information tables, engineering customer contact records, engineering sales statistics, engineering project tracking schedules, and keep abreast of competitors. At the same time, due to the complex interest relations in engineering business, a win-win situation must be formed in actual operation, which requires business personnel to think and think hard.

The market for hardcover rooms has opened to the wardrobe industry. Wardrobe enterprises should increase their efforts in this engineering hardcover market that focuses on service and design, and firmly grasp this market.

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