Furnishing Art Trends Lecture

——2014 Shenzhen International Home Furnishings Fair

7.26-28th Shenzhen International Home Furnishings Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the same time, lectures on display art trends will be held in the forum area of ​​Hall 1 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition will invite heavyweight design masters to bring the thinking from traditional display design to in-depth display design to the Chinese display industry.

New high-end exclusive product designer Huang Jing Kent (Hong Kong)

Lecture topic: "Business Value and Planning of Exclusive Design"

Time: July 27 (Sunday) 12:00-12:45

Venue: Forum Area, Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Speech content interpretation:

The requirements of the commercial design market are increasing from brands, spaces to soft furnishings, so the display art is not only a sense of space and practicality, but the exclusive custom design is the target effect of each customer brand to enhance the image and Manage the professional benefits of the brand.

It will refer to domestic and foreign design projects for reference, analyze the design resource coordination and planning, and hope to give designers some thinking about the development of exclusive design, so as to promote the art direction of exclusive furnishings.

Huang Jing Kent background introduction:

Executive Director of EXD

Founder of empathy brand

Bachelor of First Class Honours and Master of the same department, Department of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Member of HKDA Hong Kong Designers Association

Design Consultant of Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute

Senior Expert Advisor of China New Chinese Culture Research Institute

Expert Member of Shenzhen Furniture Design Professional Committee

Director of Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association

Well-known hotel design master: Yang Bangsheng (Shenzhen)

Lecture topic: Artistic Creation of Hotel Design

Time: Saturday, July 26 12:00-12:45

Venue: Forum Area, Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

At the same time, welcome to join "Master Yang Bangsheng Shenzhen new work" back "hotel investigation group"

Background introduction of Mr. Yang Bangsheng:

YANG Yang Bangsheng Hotel Design Group President / Design Director

Has nearly 20 years of experience in luxury hotel design.

Forward-looking philosophy and fearless spirit bring YANG into the international

Among the top design companies.

Good at expressing regional culture internationally,

Integrate history, culture, art and space,

Persevering in the pursuit of the perfect realm of design,

Good at exploring the unique artistic conception of Oriental aesthetics,

Adhere to the design of cultural personality hotel.

Vice President of the Asia Pacific Hotel Association

Won the "Top Ten Outstanding Chinese Designers in the World"

Many awards of "Top Ten Asia Pacific Hotel Leaders",

Won wide praise from the industry and society.

Famous designer Li Yizhong (Shenzhen, China)

Lecture topic: Let design return to life

Time: Sunday, July 26 16:00-16:45

Venue: Forum Area, Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

At the same time, welcome to join the "visit Li Yizhong designer studio delegation"

Interpretation of evolution content:

Design is the ability to solve problems creatively.

What is good design? Good design should lead a new way of life, with a sense of the times, at the same time should be in the sense of design and comfort

Find a balance between, and have a strong emotional color and high artistry.

Background introduction of Mr. Li Yizhong:

National Best Interior Designer

Founder of Li Yizhong Space Design Company

The leader of "post-fabric style" trend

Visiting Professor, School of Art, Shenzhen University

Master of Design Management, Milan Polytechnic University, Italy

Instructor of design practice of Huamei Academy of Qing Dynasty and School of Architecture, Central Academy of Fine Arts

Director of Interior Design Branch (National) of China Architectural Society

Chen Feijie Rocky (Hong Kong, China)

Lecture topic: Refinement of brand tonality and design elements

Time: July 26 (Saturday) 14:00-14:45

Venue: Forum Area, Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

At the same time, welcome to join the "Visit Chen Feijie designer studio delegation"

Speech content interpretation:

The refinement of furniture brand tonality and design elements, the in-depth furnishings design field involves the refinement of brand tonality in product design; sustainable furnishings design; the integrity and sustainability of commercial space design quality.

Mr. Chen Feijie's Rocky background introduction:

Hong Kong famous designer

President of the International Environmental Art Design Association

More than 20 years of professional experience in the field of architecture and interior design

Sponsor of "Re-know Luban and Return to Teacher Training" Design China Tour

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