Before the Spring Festival, the price of mahogany materials was stable and there was no sign of price reduction


In 2013, the mahogany market has ended. At the beginning of 2014, because the Chinese people pay more attention to the Spring Festival, it still takes time to observe how the new year's market will be. After more than half a year of mahogany market price increases, many consumers are wondering: Where will the future market of mahogany furniture go? Is the current buying opportunity appropriate? How should the “rigid demand” of mahogany be released during the Spring Festival?


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Before the Spring Festival, the price of materials was stable and there were no signs of price reduction


At present, there are no signs of price reduction from the point of origin of raw materials and trading ports. According to the law of change in previous years before the Spring Festival, the price of goods dumping and repayment of loans will generally be loose, but this year, due to the continued shortage of raw materials, prices have recently stabilized.


The other two new rosewoods from Asia, Bali Dalbergia and Austenitic Dalbergia, have not experienced significant price increases before, but they have followed suit since the end of July 2013, and have risen by 150% -200% in the four months to the end of November As far as the current situation is concerned, prices are equally strong and will not fall.


More special is the Burmese purple pear, which rose by 300% in August, September and October last year, and fell by one third in November and December, that is, from the original 36,000 yuan per ton to 26,000 yuan per ton ~ 28,000 yuan, has now stabilized. Before the skyrocket, it was only over 10,000 yuan per ton.


Various factors have boosted, rosewood furniture prices have become inevitable


Many mahogany fans are familiar with a popular statement on the Internet WeChat: "When you buy mahogany furniture , it is too expensive, and you regret it if you don't buy it." As far as the eyes are concerned, this statement is not a ridicule, but a living one. reality. After the Spring Festival, rosewood furniture prices have become inevitable, this is determined by a variety of factors:


First of all, the raw materials of mahogany will increase slightly in the future. Because 80% of the manufacturers in the industry do not have the habit of storing raw materials or the financial capacity, how much materials are used to make goods, and then buy materials after they are used up. And every year from the end of February to the beginning of March is the time to start construction after the holiday, manufacturers will feed, which will inevitably push up the price of raw materials.


Secondly, the continuous improvement of the economic situation will drive the sales performance of consumer industries including rosewood furniture. According to statistics, the China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 51.0% in December 2013, which was 0.2 percentage points higher than the annual average. It was above the critical point for 15 consecutive months and continued to stay in the boom range. If the PMI reflects the objective economic dynamics, then people ’s expectations for the new leadership in the past year have become higher and higher, and the general expectation of economic improvement is also getting better. This positive attitude will also promote the objective market. The sales atmosphere continues to improve, promoting the sale of mahogany furniture.


At the same time, as people's awareness of mahogany furniture products is getting higher and higher, the craving psychology is becoming stronger and stronger. Mahogany furniture is a carrier of traditional Chinese culture and has rich humanities and artistic connotations. Compared with panel furniture and European furniture, it has outstanding advantages. It is green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and it is beneficial to human health without harm. As a luxury product, when the economic situation is improving and the purchasing power is increasing, people's desire for mahogany furniture will increase and magnify geometrically, and things are rare and expensive. Everyone is competing for evidence and will promote it. The price of mahogany furniture is higher.


The current high inflationary pressure will also allow some people looking for investment targets to target the mahogany furniture. In 2013, real estate crashed in some cities across the country, revealing real estate investment risks; the gold market fell by more than 30% within a year, making many people discouraged from investing in gold; the stock market continued to be sluggish, and the current A-share index is even lower than the same period in previous years ... ... In this case, the appreciation trend of mahogany is generally optimistic, regardless of the special surge in 2013, even if conservatively estimated, the annual appreciation rate is about 20% to 30%. More and more investment demand makes mahogany furniture hot, and it is difficult to keep prices up.



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