Shenzhen State Police Tips: Five Tips for Preventing Grilling on the Bus

People have been stolen by taking buses, and the Shenzhou police has made tips for preventing them from getting busses.

The first is to have a strong sense of anti-theft. Do n’t get crowded when you get on and off the bus, pay attention to the movements of the people around you, and be alert to the property being stolen.

Second, if you have more cash or valuables, do n’t crowd the bus, instead take a taxi or walk instead.

The third is to be sure to pack your wallet or money in the inner pocket of your jacket when you take the bus. Never put your wallet or money in the outer pocket of your pants or jacket.

Fourth, shoulder bags and handbags must be placed in front of you and guarded no matter how crowded the car is. Don't leave it behind.

Fifth, when the car is turning and swinging, the light is not good at night, and it is crowded and chaotic when getting on and off (sometimes it is a deliberately created chaos by pickpocketing gangs), you must be particularly vigilant and protect your belongings because these are the best time for pickpockets to commit crime opportunity.

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