Foshan Furniture is determined to enter the national market

Over the past three years, the Foshan Family Association has provided good services for the transformation and upgrading of the Foshan furniture industry. It has organized many expert forums to influence and change the ideas of Foshan entrepreneurs through the lectures of experts. In the past three years, the association has organized more than a dozen charity events, including charitable donations, condolences to poor families, funding mountain schools, visiting nursing homes and other activities. The student education activity in Guangdong Yangjiang, which was held together with Foshan Media and Foshan Price Bureau in June 2010, received a great response from the society. In terms of funding for the Sichuan earthquake and drought and water shortage in the southwest, the association organized entrepreneurs in the furniture industry to actively participate in charitable donations.

The association does a good job of bridging between the enterprise and the government

Foshan Furniture Association has done a good job of bridging the gap between the enterprise and the government, and formed a good tripartite interaction and cooperation. Home Collaboration is an industry association organization. It should have had a bridge and coordination function with the government, enterprises, industries and other aspects since its establishment. An enterprise is a separate individual, and each enterprise has different development stages and operating conditions, so their demands on the government and society are different. We must do careful and patient research and analysis in the middle, and carry out corresponding classification and summary, so that we can find the main problems and development trends of the industry, and relevant information can also be fed back to the relevant government departments in a timely manner. And the government's relevant policies, especially those that are particularly targeted, we will also pay special attention to the implementation of related enterprises, so that the government's policy directives and industry support can be implemented.

At present, the Foshan Family Association is investigating various talent gaps and cruxes in the Foshan furniture industry, formulating and implementing a comprehensive and practical talent planning and development plan. In enhancing the technological innovation capability of the furniture industry in Foshan, the Foshan Family Association will cooperate with relevant departments to accelerate the promotion of furniture design , furniture manufacturing talent skill training and labor education, and provide strong technical support for industrial upgrading. At the same time, encourage the organization, demonstration and promotion of new technologies, new materials and new processes for furniture enterprises, improve the overall technical level of green production, green design, and green production in the "Foshan Furniture" industry, promote energy conservation and consumption reduction in furniture manufacturing, and increase resources. Utilization rate, protect ecology, improve economic and social benefits.

Create "Foshan Creation" in the furniture industry together

At the beginning of the year, the Foshan Family Association organized a large-scale seminar to reshape the competition model, inviting the famous economist Lang Xianping and the elites in the industry to discuss new trends in the development of the furniture industry. At the same time, the association actively organized member companies to visit the exhibition in Milan, Italy and to participate in the Guangzhou Pazhou International Furniture Fair in March. Organize investigations into important furniture markets such as Chongqing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Kunming and Jiangxi Nankang. In addition, the association organizes enterprises to participate in the settlement of various shopping malls. Among them, we have reached a strategic partnership with Yunnan's Desheng Furniture Group. The concept of creating a regional brand of "Foshan Creation" in the furniture industry.

In the past two years, the furniture industry has entered a relatively sluggish state due to the impact of the economic environment. The association has taken special measures to lead enterprises out of the trough and boost the development of the industry in the region. The rigid demand for furniture from society is certain, and it is increasing every year. It's just that the product needs are upgraded and upgraded to meet the market's personalized needs. Just like mobile phones, users have grown in recent years, but the functions and shapes of the products are different. Under such circumstances, the transformation of the corporate CEO's idea has become a key point for industrial upgrading. Our association will organize more entrepreneurs to participate in expert management forums, marketing and innovation salons, and everyone will speak together to discuss the problems and methods in progress, starting from the actual work they face, and slowly proceeding.

2011 Foshan furniture industry is more exciting

The furniture industry is a traditional industry with a long history in China, but it is also an industry that is not yet standardized in development. This is leaving room for the determination to develop the industry. I believe there will be more entrepreneurs and elites, they will join the industry. And on this stage, we also feel more creative creativity year by year. The number of shopping malls is increasing, but it is not a simple growth, but a growth that has been greatly upgraded from hardware to management software. As far as Foshan is concerned, the "three old transformations" will also become a trend and a driving force.

The association organizes entrepreneurs. When we go out and introduce, we have to go out and visit frequently, and organize entrepreneurs to feel the world's vision and trends; the development of various markets in the country is also quite fast, including furniture malls and furniture industry bases, how to promote local entrepreneurs Long-distance operations and joint operations are what we have to consider. The enterprise is bigger, and more branches and factories can be set up in the field, but the headquarters of the Foshan furniture industry is a soul. This is a base area. We have to build it well.

In terms of brand building, we will lead the concept of " furniture culture ", which will give full play to Foshan's traditional cultural enterprises, integrate traditional and modern innovations, and promote Foshan's furniture brands to have more real knowledge and characteristics.

Training, introduction of talents, innovation of cooperation mode, innovation of service concept, cultural openness, and group development into the future. All aspects of our association are to promote, especially to help companies in the introduction of talents, we plan to organize enterprises in the name of Foshan Association to recruit talents to colleges and vocational schools around the country, and uniformly train to work.

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