What kind of material for bathroom room is good What brand of shower room

Nowadays people are demanding more and more of the bathroom facilities. Everyone wants a separate bathing space, so there is also a shower room. The shower room not only plays the role of separation between wet and dry, but also gives people a separate bath space. What kind of material is good for the bathroom room and what brands are there in the bathroom ? Learn together under!

What bathroom materials are good

1, bathroom room frame

If it is a shower room frame with a cylinder-type seating system, stainless steel screws are used. Seals are installed at the glass and wall joints, otherwise it is difficult to block the water.

2, bathroom housing chassis

The chassis of the shower room is made of many materials. The material of the bottom end of the bottom basin is made of ABS and composite panels, and the middle end is made of acrylic material. Now most of the chassis are made of this material, the surface technology is more detailed, the hardness is relatively high, economical and practical.

3, bathroom room skeleton

The skeleton of the shower room is mostly made of aluminum alloy, and the surface needs to be spray-treated. And the thickness of the shower room frame should be more than 5mm, otherwise it will be easily deformed, cause cracking and explosion of the glass, ball bearings should be flexible, and the shower door will be convenient and lightweight when it is opened.

4, shower main material

The main material of the shower room is tempered glass. Because ordinary glass is too thin and of poor quality, it is prone to self-explosion. In general, the authentic tempered glass has a thickness of 6-10 mm and the glass has a ccc mark, so it can be used to distinguish whether it is a true tempered glass.

Which brand of shower room

1, Drake

Deli shower room is very familiar to everyone, it is a famous enterprise in China, has a professional design team, the product can meet the different needs of users. The brand also has more than 40 acres of plant, is a strong business.

2, St. Leah

It is a well-known local company in Zhongshan City. It is also a large-scale enterprise engaged in design, development, manufacture, and sales. It has been awarded the top ten brands of Chinese sanitary ware, the top ten brands of Chinese shower rooms, and shower room manufacturing experts. title.

3, Kaili

Founded in 1998, it is a famous enterprise from Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. It not only owns 56 patented technologies, but also is a professional shower room manufacturer that designs, manufactures and sells its products.

4, Wrigley ARROW

Wrigley shower room was founded in New York in the United States in 1851. Its 150-year history has laid its brand position in the industry. Today, it has become a model for white-collar workers in different countries and regions of the world.

I believe that everyone has a better understanding of the shower room after reading the above information on what the bathroom room is made of and the contents of the shower room brand. The shower room is an indispensable part of our daily bathing life. It is recommended that everyone should know more about it.

Bathroom Room

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