Checking room inspection notes What decoration rookie can not know the inspection process

I believe that apart from being an interior design professional or a person engaged in home improvement work, I believe that most of the owners do not understand the housing acceptance knowledge. So today, Xiao Bian gave you an introduction about the matters needing attention when checking homes and inspections . Process it.

1, Checking room inspection matters needing attention

a, look at the level of the wall

As the name implies, it is necessary to carefully check whether the walls of the entire living environment are cracked or uneven. This is especially the case in parallel with the roof beams. If there are any problems in this area, it may cause serious subsequent safety hazards. Therefore, it is recommended that Everyone must check carefully.

b, see whether the ground is completely smooth

In many housing inspection room inspection matters, the ground is also an area that needs special attention. Once there is a case of popping or empty shell, it should be reflected to the decoration company as soon as possible, rework as soon as possible to repair, or wait until after the check-in At the time, it was very troublesome.

c. Measure ground level error

The main purpose of this process is to test the developer's architectural level on the one hand, and on the other hand, to hope that the structure of the house will meet the safety standards in this way. This is also a very important consideration for the inspection of the house. one.

d. Check for water

Many people often overlook this issue when they are collecting their rooms. It is not until the rainy days that leaks are discovered. At that time, people are looking for repairs. The fees are high and the procedures are still inconvenient. Therefore, remind everyone not to forget. Check the seepage of water this house inspection room notice oh.

e, trial doors and windows

In addition to the above points, Xiao Bai must be aware of the precautions for checking homes, and one must remember to try the sliding effect of the doors and windows. Improper installation or the quality of doors and windows may affect the subsequent use experience.

2, decoration rookie can not know the inspection process

a, measure the area of ​​the house

The operation is also very simple, just need to compare the original floor plan of the house, check whether the structure of the house is in and out, and whether the size is greatly deviated.

b. Test the wall surface and the ground

A small hammer strikes the ground and the wall. If a thick sound is heard, it means there is no problem and you can rest assured.

c. Check for leaks

It is advisable to carry out a closed-water experiment for more than 24 hours, and to see if there is any leakage or reflux phenomenon in the bathroom, kitchen, or balconies.

e. Check the wall will not peel.

f. Carefully check each of the rules in each document submitted.

Xiao Bian epilogue: Well, the above is Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the attention of the inspection of housing inspection , there is a need to buy a house of friends may wish to learn in advance to learn about, not only can make themselves more skilled in the actual inspection process, but also can be avoided Unscrupulous business pit fraud Oh.

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