House decoration design should pay attention to what the style of the house decoration is good

During the renovation, everyone pays great attention to the interior's beauty and comfort, especially if you don’t know how to do it after you get the house, you don’t know how to do it. So what should you pay attention to when designing a house decoration ? What style of house decoration is good? Let's take a look together!

1, what should pay attention to the house decoration design - the less the better the dead

Think of the house as more square, minimize unnecessary corner space, these dead space will give people a sense of discomfort. Founder's house types not only facilitate the placement of furniture, but also help human activities in the interior.

2, what should pay attention to the decoration of the house - different space area should be reasonable

At present, the design of the living room pays attention to the principle of "three big ones and one small one" - a large living room, a large kitchen, a large bathroom, and a small bedroom. From the aspect of function analysis, the best area of ​​the kitchen is about 4-5 square meters. The best toilet is to separate the wash and the toilet. Generally, the three-bedroom apartment type has two toilets. The area of ​​the bedroom should be more reasonable between 13-14 square meters, which is conducive to the placement of furniture and so on.

3, housing decoration design should pay attention to what - balcony sight is very important

The atmosphere created by the balcony is very important, good balcony design can make the living room's sight more broad, the line of sight is brighter, can make the indoor and outdoor influences blend in one. Gives a fresh, comfortable feeling.

Which style of house decoration is good :

1, modern and simple style

The simple style of the whole house is very simple, lively and practical. The use of simple lines in the room outlines the smooth lines. It also pays special attention to the storage space and allows the interior to exhibit more layers. This decoration saves money and is economical. It is also one of the most widely used styles.

2, elegant style

The elegant style is suitable for friends of education, literature and art lovers. This style pays great attention to taste and comfort. Embodies the owner's unique life pursuit.

3、New Chinese style

The new Chinese style simplifies the tedious Chinese style and blends Chinese style with modern life, giving people a sense of self-cultivation. Generally suitable for older friends.

4, European and American classical style

More and more friends love the classical style in the decoration of the house, creating a simple and atmospheric feeling. Strong visual impact, both luxurious and dynamic. Suitable for some large houses or villas.

Conclusion: The above is to introduce everyone to the housing decoration design to pay attention to what the relevant content, hoping to help needy friends. If you need to know more related content later, please pay attention to the information on this site.

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