Small attic decoration renderings small attic decoration style

The feeling of the small attic is often mysterious and romantic. Many friends think that their home can have a small attic that belongs to their own space, and carefully decorate them to create a small area of ​​their own, and arrange their own. Space, the current decoration style for the small attic has a lot of decoration style, many friends also want to know how to decorate their small attic in the end, the following article is a small series for the decoration effect of the small attic you want to know Let's take a look together.


The small attic decoration has been very popular recently and is loved by many young friends. Although the small attic has a small space, it can be made beautiful and meticulous as long as it is carefully designed. The following article will bring you a set of small attic decoration renderings, let you feel the beautiful and stylish attic space. The space of this small attic decoration is very small. The whole space has only one wall and slope design, but there is a window on the wall to add bright light and spacious view to the attic space. Thanks to the top-level pavilion, the beautiful scenery of the window is close at hand, allowing you to feel the beauty of nature.

The white floor is covered with a blue cushion to create a romantic flat window. It is a pleasant thing to put a few pillows on the platform, books, and sit down on the weekends and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. The windows of the small attic are designed on the sloped walls, which not only makes the whole space look beautiful, but also enjoys the blue sky and white clouds outside the window when lying down. The bedroom bed is simple and generous. The table lamp decoration on the bed adds a stylish atmosphere to the bedroom space. The wardrobe is decorated with embedded walls, which not only saves space, but also increases the storage function of the bedroom.


The abstract decorative painting on the background wall embellishes the artistic atmosphere of the bedroom space. The size of the attic is very spacious, so the owner designed it as an open space that combines the dining room with the living room. The design of the entire loft is very simple, the retro wooden dining table is matched with red bricks, and there is a feeling of returning to the past. The blue-and-white sofa and the azure coffee table add a touch of bright color to the space. The attic is designed with a sloping skylight and plenty of light. The green plants are placed next to the windows, giving the loft a fresh air.

The small attic has been designed with care and decoration, but it gives a quiet and spacious visual sense. The roof of the slope is very clean and there is no fancy decoration. The big tree outside the window is like a landscape painting, bringing a fresh and natural atmosphere to the attic space. Seeing here, are you also very eager to decorate your own small attic? More knowledge about interior decoration can be paid attention to Xiaobian.

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