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In the design of modern home structure, the three-in-one connector of furniture is very important to the structural composition of the furniture product. The design standard of the structure of the three-in-one connector of the furniture directly affects the service life of a set of furniture. Inferior connectors often cause eccentric breaks, screw slips, and connectors to fall off during installation and use. So, what is the difference between different materials and different production processes? Today we will understand one by one. Take the connection screw production process as an example: 1Material selection: The plastic-coated screw occupies a large share in the domestic panel furniture market. The high-quality furniture three-in-one connector plastic coated connecting rod can make the panel furniture positioning more accurate and connect more. Fastened for longer life. If the production of high-quality plastic raw materials is used, the adhesion between the plastic and the iron screw is stronger, the plastic is not easy to age, the friction between the plastic-coated screw and the wooden board is greater, and the torque of the screw is too large to be easily deformed and chipped. If it is a secondary reclaimed material or a corner material to the raw material to be produced, the impurities are too much, the plastic itself is crisp, easy to deform and age, the adhesion with the screw is poor, the positioning is difficult, and the dimensional deviation is easy to occur during installation, resulting in a gap between the plate and the plate. is too big. 2Production process: At present, many production machines in the market support the cutting of plastic-coated screws, head-making, fangs, and one-piece molding. After the electroplating is completed, the plastic rods are completed once, which can make the plastic parts and the screw parts tightly connected, and the friction is larger and difficult. Walk. If it is a later set, it will make the gap between the plastic and the furniture three-in-one connector screw larger, the friction is reduced, and the plastic is easy to move and cannot be positioned. Sharing knowledge of furniture hardware, I am a red scarf from Tuochen Hardware. The above is a little insight into the three-in-one connector, I hope to help everyone. Http://

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