Have you ever heard of "Taicang Cap"?

In 1992, Zhao Honghan's teacher called an article titled “100, 000 fiberglass safety helmets entering Baosteel”. The news called “Taicang Cap”. After 25 years, the original Taicang County float bridge fiberglass rubber and plastic products factory has developed into today’s Taicang City. Feihong Plastic Steel Products Co., Ltd., its production of "Jiuye" brand safety helmets still provide protection for the majority of workers, and the "Taicang hat" story is still talked about by the older generation of labor insurance people.

Taicang County Floating Bridge FRP Rubber & Plastic Products Factory has been manufacturing FRP helmets since 1980. Under the premise of improving the quality consciousness of employees, the study of resin mixing was conducted and new products were continuously used to improve the strength and impact resistance of the products. The products were well received by users all over the world. The company has also continued to develop. It is the first domestic hard hat company to obtain licenses for production of glass steel helmets.

For decades, Taicang Feihong Plastic Steel Products Co., Ltd. Yang Yuefei has been strict with requirements of “human life, mindfulness, and meticulous quality.” The structure of the “Yanye” brand safety helmet produced is reasonable, comfortable, safe and reliable. In 2004, it was named "Suzhou Famous Brand Product". In 2009, it was awarded "Quality Product of Jiangsu Province". It was reviewed by the China Textile Industry Association's Safety and Health Protection Products Committee and won the national labor insurance industry recommended brand. The products are widely used in metallurgy and electric power. , chemical, petroleum, shipbuilding, ports, mining, construction and other industries.

Today, Taicang Feihong Plastic Steel Products Co., Ltd. has grown from a small factory with only 60 employees to a registered capital of 12 million RMB, an area of ​​20,000 square meters, and a modern production workshop of 4,500 square meters. The company has injection molding machines, SMC fiberglass special molding machine, far infrared ultrasonic welding machine, heat shrink machine, high speed sewing machine, safety helmet performance tester, direction-finding rigidity testing device, mandibular tape strength test, suction resistance tester, helium valve Air tightness testing equipment, dynamic adsorption gas analyzers and other molding equipment and testing equipment more than 30 Taiwan (sets).

With the continuous extension of the production line, Taicang Feihong has become a professional manufacturer of fiberglass helmets, plastic safety helmets, work caps, protective masks, filter-type gas masks, self-absorbing filter-type particles, and other labor protection products and various glass steel products, We have reason to believe that in the new journey, the "Taicang Cap" will be given a more brilliant light in the name of "Eucalyptus Leaf".

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