Ten methods for rice seed dressing with pesticides

Seed disinfection of paddy rice, rice pesticides are presented dressing are ten methods, to select the appropriate dressing according to different environments and seeds.

1. Immerse the rice seeds with 50% carbendazim, 50% thiophanate or 50% thiram 500 times (200 g of liquid to 100 kg of water and mix 60-70 kg of rice). Then, germination and sowing are carried out, which has a good effect on preventing rice seedling disease, and can treat rice blast, rice husk spot, and rice seedling blight.

Second, soak seeds with 40% strong chlorin 200 times solution. Soak the seeds in water for 12 hours, then soak them in the liquid for 12 hours, then rinse them with water, remove the germination and sowing, and prevent bacterial leaf streak and rice bacterial blight.

3. Soaking seeds with 0.2% copper sulfate solution for 48 hours, then removing the germination and sowing, can prevent rice seedling disease, rice false disease and so on.

4. Soak seeds with 40% formalin 500 times solution. First soak the seeds in water for 1 to 2 days (to absorb the water without revealing the whiteness), take it out and dry it slightly, soak it in the liquid for 48 hours, then rinse it out with water to germination and sowing. Sterilization by this method can prevent rice blast, rice seedling disease, rice husk disease, rice false disease and the like.

5. Soaking seeds with 0.15% of the nematode solution for 48 hours, rinsing with water, germination and sowing, can prevent rice stem nematode disease and rice seedling disease.

6. Soak seeds with 10% leaf cumin 2000 times solution for 24 to 48 hours, remove germination and sowing, and prevent rice bacterial blight and rice bacterial leaf streak.

7. Soaking seeds with 0.1% to 0.2% potassium permanganate solution for 24 hours can prevent a variety of fungal and bacterial species.

Eight, with 10% soaking spirit 500 times soaking seeds for 48 to 60 hours, can prevent mite disease, and prevent rice stem nematode disease, rice blast and so on.

Nine, soaking seeds with 200% of 2000 times liquid for 2 hours with 25% can prevent rice seedling disease and rice cannabis leaf disease.

X. Take an appropriate amount of 70% carbendazim (soil-killing). Mix the rice seeds at 0.4%-0.7% of the dry rice seedlings before sowing. Dry mix and wet mix can prevent rice seedlings from blighting.

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