China's top 10 spirit level ranking brand spirit level introduction

Everyone's understanding of the spirit level may only be a vague concept, but it is a measurement tool. In fact, in many processes of home improvement, there are opportunities to use the spirit level. So today, we come to understand the rankings of China's top 10 spirits.

I. Ranking of China's Top 10 Spirit Levels

1, Bosch

Bosch Power Tools is a world-renowned manufacturer of power tools and accessories. Their products have maintained high standards in quality, technological innovation and after-sales service.

2, Black


Black & Decker is the flagship brand of Stanley Black & Decker and one of the world's leading manufacturers of electric tools and home appliances. In product innovation, product quality, product design has a high reputation.

3, Leica


The establishment of Leica Geosystems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. makes the functions of Leica Geosystems Asia Pacific Software R&D Center further expanded, and can better provide Chinese users with various application software and comprehensive standards in line with China's measurement specifications and operating habits. solution.

4, Dong Jing


Dong Jing Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Dongfang Precision Measure Co., Ltd., was established in 1994. Now the company has developed into the world's largest manufacturer of horizontal scales with the most advanced domestic manufacturing technology and perfect testing technology.

5, iron anchor


Jiangsu Tiewang Tools Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the brand's development and development, and constantly enhances its brand image. It has always been guided by modern management concepts and aims to achieve sustainable development and win-win cooperation.

6, Lacey laser


Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of China's construction laser measurement and engineering laser measurement industry, the industry standard setter and the leading brand in the industry.

7, Dongcheng


Jiangsu Dongcheng Power Tools Co., Ltd. is one of the key professional power tool manufacturers in China and is the governing unit of the Electric Tools Branch of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association.

8, Futian


Established in 2004, Suzhou Futian Laser is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of laser instruments for construction, decoration and installation in China. It is a Sino-foreign joint venture that integrates the development, manufacture and sale of laser engineering instruments.

9, Cape Pro


Kapro is a leading manufacturer and developer of innovative manual tools for the professional market. It is famous for its excellent quality, excellent service, high value-added products and cutting-edge design, and enjoys the reputation of the industry's best innovator.

10, superb


Jiangsu Jingzhan Optoelectronics Instrument Co., Ltd., established in April 2005, is a high-tech enterprise in the intelligent hardware field of innovation-driven, pursuing excellence, and a national high-tech enterprise.

Editor's summary: The above is Xiaobian's introduction to the ranking of China's top 10 spirit levels. After reading this article, is it right? For a variety of brands have a more comprehensive understanding of the spirit level, and now will not know the level of knowledge Did not know anything about it.

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