Salt cleaning home coup

First, salt clean ceramic bathroom

Friends who use white porcelain in the bathtub and sink toilets at home must have such troubles: these sanitary products will turn yellow after a period of use, how to wash them looks dirty: just mix salt and a small amount of rosin into Paste, apply on bathroom products, wait for 15 minutes, then wipe with a wet sponge, yellowish white porcelain will instantly restore the original appearance of white.

Second, the brine removes the bad smell of paint

There is always a pungent smell of paint in the newly renovated home. In the face of this problem, a basin of salt water can be quickly solved! It is only necessary to place two pots of strontium salt in the room, and the paint smell of the furniture and the wall can be easily eliminated.

Third, use salt to clean the carpet

Consumers who have used carpets have this kind of distress: it is difficult to get rid of stains on carpets. However, with salt, this problem can be solved easily! If you accidentally drop the vegetable juice onto the carpet, you can first sprinkle some salt on the stain, suck the juice as much as possible to prevent the oil from spreading, and then proceed to further deal with. If the carpet is stained with grease, mix the salt and rubbing alcohol in a ratio of 1:4, rub the solution in the direction of the carpet, and rinse with water. If you accidentally pour the wine on the carpet, you can sprinkle the salt on the stain and leave it for 15 minutes. The salt will absorb the residual red wine on the carpet, then clean the carpet with a mixture of 1/3 cup vinegar and 2/3 cup water. Stained area.

Fourth, salt repair wooden furniture hot marks

We always accidentally put hot meals or hot water directly on the table. The surface of the wooden table is easy to leave traces. This kind of problem can also be solved by salt! Just use salad oil and salt to make a thin paste. In the bad area, when you dry quickly, use a soft cloth to gently wipe off the paste, and the burn on the table can be repaired.

Five, salt polishing faucet

Copper faucets are easy to dim after using for a period of time. This problem can also be solved by salt: use a mixture of salt, flour and vinegar to form a paste, apply with a soft cloth, wait for 1 hour to wipe, faucet It will restore the light. Sprinkle a little salt on the copper ornament and wipe it with a sponge to polish it.

6. Salt removal of sewer odor

Will your kitchen sink emit odor from time to time? As long as you regularly pour concentrated brine into the sink drain, you can clean the inner wall of the water pipe to prevent oil accumulation, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of odor!

Seven, painting the wall salt can help

Adding 0.3% to 0.5% salt to the lime water when painting the wall can increase the adhesion of the lime, making the brush easier and lasting longer.

Eight, salt to deal with the new iron pot is useful

The newly bought iron pan will always have a sizzling smell. This problem can be solved with a little salt. After buying the new pot, first use some salt in the pot and fry it. When frying until the salt is fast, pour the salt off and the iron smell in the pot can be removed.

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