A healthy bedroom teaches you to create an eco-friendly bedroom

Healthy bedroom keyword 1: environmental protection

Bedding should try to choose pure cotton, pure wool or pure hemp fabric, try not to use synthetic materials.

Floors should be made of non-polluting materials. High-quality wood flooring is a good choice. It can also be covered with soft and easy-to-clean wool rugs, which are beautiful and comfortable.

Do not choose too thick carpet, too thick carpet is easy to accumulate dust, if you must shop, remember to use a vacuum cleaner every month.

Heavy curtains are also a great place to store dust, so it's best not to use them. If you can't clean it often, the sturdy and breathable shutters are also a good choice.

Healthy bedroom keyword two: cleaning

Clean the house at least once a week. This is a battle with dust, the purpose is to completely destroy their nest, not let them thrive in the living room. Dust particles can cause diseases such as asthma, cough and congestion, especially in children.

At least one week of cleaning the home's bedding with warm water or hot water. You can also cover the bed with cotton sheets during the day to prevent dust from falling on it.

Don't let your pets, especially long-haired animals, enter the bedroom. Because they have a lot of bacteria in their bodies, on the hair and even in the surrounding air.

Regularly clean the vents and exhaust pipes at home. These are the main channels for the transmission of bacteria.

Do not smoke indoors. The smoke from smoking can easily cause dust in the air to stay.

Do not spray air fresheners or perfumes in the air. If you are not allergic to pollen, it is best to buy a few pots of flowers to decorate the room and keep the air fresh.

Friendship Tips: Temperature rises

As the temperature continues to rise, various bacteria and viruses begin to become active. Many housewives think that household products are best disinfected frequently. "In fact, sterilization does not mean disinfection." Experts point out that disinfectants also have a disinfection level. Not all disinfectants can kill all pathogenic microorganisms. Long-term use of low-dose disinfectants can cause pathogenic microorganisms to develop resistance to them.

In daily life, we don't have to kill all the pathogenic microorganisms. At home, keep indoors frequently open and ventilated, and often dry clothes, bedding, etc., can effectively reduce bacterial pollution.

Five points of indoor sterilization

Furniture environment

For example, the surface of the ground, table, cabinet surface, door handle, telephone receiver, etc., can be scrubbed with water with detergent or detergent. It can also be scoured with 500mg/L chlorine disinfectant solution of available chlorine.


Ventilation can both purify indoor air and reduce the amount of indoor airborne microorganisms. During the epidemic of respiratory infectious diseases, indoor ventilation is very important. Through the flow of air, it can dilute local viruses and bacteria and reduce the chance of infection with viruses and bacteria.

Sun disinfection

Sunlight is the best anti-virus. Sunlight contains ultraviolet and infrared rays, and clothes and bedding can be disinfected for 3-6 hours in the sun.

Tableware disinfection

In the case where there is no infectious patient in the family, it is only necessary to use dishwashing detergent for washing dishes, but care should be taken to wash the detergent remaining on the surface of the tableware with running water. If there is a disinfection cupboard in the family, the cleaned dishes can be disinfected in a disinfection cabinet.

Toilets, bathtubs, etc. should be cleaned with detergent and rinsed with clean water. If diarrhea occurs, disinfect with a chlorine-containing disinfectant solution containing 1000 mg/L of available chlorine.  

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