Reasons for rolling bearing heating and solutions

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Reasons for rolling bearing heating and solutions

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-04-13

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The shaft parts of the machine tool; especially the main shaft; usually integrated with the rolling bearing or the sliding bearing; and rotate at a high speed; sometimes high heat is generated. If the image is not removed in time, the bearing will be overheated. And make the temperature of the corresponding part of the machine tool rise and thermal deformation; when severe, the spindle and the tailstock are not equal; this not only affects the accuracy and processing accuracy of the machine itself; it also burns the bearing.
The cause of rolling bearing heating and its cleaning method
(1) Reason: Low bearing accuracy: Select the bearing with regular accuracy grade.
(2) Reason: The spindle is twisted or the hole of the box is different. Correct the spindle or the box.
(3) Reason: The belt is too tight: adjust the belt to make the elastic tight.
(4) Reasons: Smooth and bad methods: use the smooth information of the regular trademark and be appropriate and hygienic.
(5) Reason: low installation quality: improve the quality of installation.
(6) Reason: The inner ring of the bearing is running: replace the bearing and associated wear parts.
(7) The axial force is too large. The method of clearing and adjusting the gap of the sealing ring is between 0. 2 and 0. 3mm, correcting the balance of the impeller and verifying the static balance.
(8) Bearing damage method: replace the bearing.

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