Classical furniture identification method

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As the essence of China's classical furniture, Ming and Qing furniture has become a treasure collected by collectors because of its fine workmanship, cultural heritage and huge appreciation space. However, ancient furniture, like other cultural relics, has a falsification phenomenon, and the method of making fakes is becoming more and more sophisticated. The falsification of ancient furniture has become a thorny issue for every furniture collection, hobby and researcher. In fact, classical furniture seems to be indistinguishable. In fact, as long as it is fake, many places will show its feet.

Old wood furniture

There are two main methods for the falsification of old furniture of Chaimu: making traces of use and pieces of pieces made of antique furniture.

Traces of manufacturing use: splashing rice water and tea water on the newly-made furniture, and then resting it on the outdoor mud land, let it rain in the sun, after repeated several times in two or three months, the wood grain will naturally crack. The cracks in the paint are cracked, and the color of the logs is dark. It shows a kind of old gas that has experienced the wind and rain. It seems that it has been concentrated in the past few hundred years, and it can deceive the layman. The water mark of the real thing is generally no more than one inch, and the fake is often more than a lot.

For some furniture with high frequency, such as tables and cabinets, the counterfeiters usually use the steel balls to wipe out the marks on the surface. After painting, they use the cups to burn out the imprints, and use the knife to draw a few marks. It looks like it is used. The same for decades.

In order to make a grout, some of the counterfeiters often use paint wax to make fakes, even using leather shoe polish. The naturally formed patina, which is not touched by the slightest chill, has a smooth and jade-like slippery feel, while the new patina has a sticky feeling of blocking the hand, and has a strange taste. If you look carefully, it is not difficult to tell the truth. This method is also one of the most common and effective methods.

In order to achieve a more realistic effect, some bosses also made a gap that was bitten by a mouse on the drawer of the furniture, or used the old material of the insect to do the key parts, and even more, the locusts were specially raised. Special effects.

Patchwork furniture

It is often made of furniture that is made of poor wood and that is made of wood that is not easily distinguishable. Consumers who know the wood can easily compare the various components of the furniture. This kind of ancient furniture, which is neither non-negative, less practical, and lacking in collectible value, is easily deceived by ordinary people. It is also possible to use a complete collection of ancient furniture and general wood to be split into several pieces in order to obtain high profits. The specific method is to disassemble an ancient piece of furniture and then imitate one or more pieces according to the original form, then mix the old and new parts and assemble them into two or more pieces of furniture containing some old parts according to the original style. The most common example is to change a chair into a pair of chairs, all of which are old objects. This kind of pseudo-manual method is the worst, not only extremely deceptive, but also seriously destroys precious ancient artifacts.

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