Mainland market in the eyes of Taiwan's first brake company

Abstract Nanhuang Traffic Equipment Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanhuang Traffic Equipment) is Taiwan's First Brake Technology Co., Ltd., a friction material product manufacturing company established in 1961, and is known as the originator of Taiwan's brake pad industry. It is also the largest friction material in Taiwan...
Nanhuang Traffic Equipment Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanhuang Traffic Equipment) is Taiwan's First Brake Technology Co., Ltd., a friction material product manufacturing company established in 1961. It is known as the originator of Taiwan's brake pad industry. After more than 50 years of development, Taiwan's largest manufacturer of friction material products has reached more than 7,000 products, covering all types of vehicles in the world. The products are mainly sold to developed regions such as Europe, America and Japan, but this situation has changed significantly in recent years and gradually entered the mainland market.

The difference between the brake pad market in Taiwan and the domestic market

As a developed region of the automobile industry, Taiwan's brake pad industry started earlier than the mainland. But in terms of current market conditions, there is no special difference between the two. Chairman Zheng Shouyang introduced: "The difference between Taiwan's market and the mainland market is only in size. Taiwan's brake pad market is much smaller than the mainland. Moreover, with the rapid development of the mainland's automobile industry, the mainland's market advantage is coming. The more obvious."

As Mr. Zheng Shouyang said, with the improvement of people's living standards in the Mainland, automobile production and sales and car ownership are among the best in the world, which provides a broad range for auto parts, especially important auto parts industries such as brake pads. Market space, which is unparalleled in most countries and regions around the world. Chairman Zheng Shouyang also said that it is precisely because of the vastness of the mainland market that Nanhuang traffic equipment has adjusted its market strategy in the past two years and has begun to enter the mainland market.

About the technology gap in the domestic brake pad industry

The Chinese mainland automobile industry started late, resulting in a certain gap between the domestic brake pad production technology and the similar enterprises in Taiwan and abroad. Moreover, due to the explosive growth of the domestic market, the domestic brake pad industry is “mixed”, and the enterprises and products are mixed. This also leads to the gap between the overall level of the mainland industry and the developed regions.

However, Chairman Zheng Shouyang said: "With the rapid development of the mainland auto industry, the expansion of market space has attracted many well-known foreign brands to enter the mainland, which has strengthened the exchanges between domestic enterprises and foreign advanced enterprises, and promoted to a large extent. The growth of domestic brake pad enterprise technology."

"This can be seen from the high-end trend of market competition. 10 years ago, the domestic market was very good. You can get good sales without too many high-end products. But in recent years, the domestic market is not so good. It has been picked up that high-tech products are needed to extract the fruits of the market. This also shows that the gap between the technology and the advanced level of the brakes industry in the Mainland is narrowing.” Mr. Zheng Shouyang gave an example.

Bottlenecks in the development of the brakes industry in the Mainland

Although the brake pad industry in the Mainland has developed rapidly, there are still many development bottlenecks affected by various factors. In addition to the industry chaos caused by the lag of national standards, Mr. Zheng Shouyang, Chairman of Taiwan's First Brakes Company, introduced: "I believe that there are two main aspects of bottlenecks, one is technological innovation, which is the bottleneck of the enterprise; One is weak marketing awareness, this is the bottleneck of the company."

Chairman Zheng Shouyang further explained: "Technology innovation is the foundation of the company based on the industry. Taiwan's first brake has experienced 50 years of development. Now there are more than 7,000 products. These are inseparable from the focus of technology research and development. We have the largest Taiwanese company. The friction material laboratory is executed according to the ISO/IEC17025 management system. It is equipped with complete and multi-functional precision testing equipment. It is suitable for OEM and all kinds of products and models. It can provide testing services for friction material performance, physical properties and analytical comparison. It can produce ceramic fiber and sintered all-metal friction material, which can withstand high temperature to 600°C or higher. It is suitable for use in automobiles, special vehicles, sports cars and amateur racing cars. All of these indicate that we must adhere to technology-centered development. The same way, the same is true for other companies."

In addition, for the bottleneck in corporate marketing, Chairman Zheng Shouyang said: “In addition to technology research and development and product innovation, the brake pad industry is very important to have a good brand marketing strategy. Only through various means to promote products Only when the export enters the customer's production field, the top ten auto parts selection organized by HC Auto Parts Network is a very professional promotion platform. We need more such platforms to brand."

The brake pad industry is about the industry of dignity and life.

As an important safety component in the brake system of automobiles, the importance of brake pads for people's driving safety is self-evident. Therefore, brake pad manufacturers must have a strong sense of social responsibility. Mr. Zheng Shouyang believes in Buddhism and has a “causal relationship” principle for the company's employees. Industry is related to life. Because you respect life, you must ensure good product quality. This principle is presumably the principle of the brake pad industry.

Nanhuang traffic equipment has entered the mainland market for several years, and the market situation has been very good. In their eyes, the market opportunities in the mainland are still endless.

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