Analysis of the development of low carbon economy path in small and medium hardware industry

Abstract The era of the Internet leading the economy has passed, and the era of financial leadership has passed. So who is the next to lead the economy? --Low-carbon economy. This kind of understanding is like an odor that spreads across countries. If you say, "low carbon...

The era of the Internet leading the economy has passed, and the era of financial leadership has passed. So who is the next to lead the economy? --Low-carbon economy. This kind of understanding is like an odor that spreads across countries. If the "low-carbon economy" was once a slogan, then the outbreak of the financial crisis prompted it to become an action. The "high-carbon economy" relying on oil and natural gas has already faced a recession, choosing a "low-carbon lifestyle" and making "low" Carbon consumption has become a fashionable topic. The business opportunity to find a low-carbon economy is becoming a new thinking for entrepreneurs - "the more green the more money." For hardware companies, in the era of low-carbon economy, seeking to develop business opportunities, energy-saving emission reduction, transformation and upgrading are the key. Wang Jinling, deputy secretary-general of the International Association of Mould & Hardware Plastics Industry Suppliers, pointed out at the International Mold Machinery Industry Summit Forum that the majority of hardware companies can proceed from three aspects: following government policies, adjusting industrial structure, and contracting energy management.  

1. Keep up with government policies

The Fifth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China reviewed and approved the "Proposal for Formulating the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development", proposing that the theme of scientific development should be the main line, accelerating the transformation of economic development mode as the main line, and insisting on building As an important focus of accelerating the transformation of economic development, resource-conserving and environment-friendly society has determined to actively respond to climate change, vigorously develop circular economy, strengthen resource conservation and management, increase environmental protection, and strengthen ecological protection and disaster prevention. Several major tasks have been built in the disaster reduction system.

Not long ago, the Chinese government issued the "Decision of the State Council on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries", taking energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation information technology, equipment, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new energy vehicles as the current stage. Strategic emerging industries with a focus on development. We will firmly grasp the historical opportunities of green economy development and industrial transformation and upgrading, and increase policy support. Clearly focus on key issues, break through core technologies, support market promotion, and strive to form a pilot-oriented and pillar-type industry, seize the commanding heights of future technologies and industries, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the entire industrial structure.

Wang Jinling pointed out that following the government policy, hardware companies have a lot to do. For example, the country holds energy conservation and environmental protection exhibitions every year. There are many hardware companies exhibiting. In the whole economic model change, all production systems, service systems and peripheral supporting systems will change. The opportunities for hardware companies are here. For example, energy-saving products required for production support, such as solar energy flashlights, LED light source flashlights and other energy-saving products.

2. Adjust the industrial structure

Adjusting the industrial structure is the only way for hardware companies to save energy, reduce emissions, and transform and upgrade. Materials are the basis for an industry to operate, and the development of new materials is also an important part of adjusting the industrial structure. The rapid development of science and technology has greatly expanded the use of materials in the hardware industry. The materials are no longer a single steel, and stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron wire and other materials are continuously added. It is foreseeable that, in parallel with the development of science and technology, more new materials will be added to the hardware material chain in the future. Luo Baihui, the executive secretary of the International Association of Molds and Hardware and Plastics Industry Suppliers, described the path of “English-US-Japan-China-China-China” on the development map of the world's hardware manufacturing industry. This is a typical example of low-end manufacturing. The road to nomadic. It can be seen that there is still a lot of room for development in the manufacturing industry of the hardware industry, and business opportunities in the era of low-carbon economy are also here. Chinese hardware companies should increase the research and development of new technologies, and they can build their own research and development institutions, or form cooperative relationships with professional institutions and purchase their services.

Post-processing is an important part of low-carbon environmental protection. The post-processing technology of the hardware industry mainly refers to carbon collection technology. Carbon dioxide is discharged through the chimney, and can be collected and compressed by technical means, and pressed into a liquid or solid state for landfill. In many oil fields in China, the oil wells are almost exhausted, and carbon dioxide can be collected and then pumped into oil wells to squeeze out the crude oil. Of course, the starting point of this approach is oilfield exploitation, but from another perspective, carbon dioxide is also collected and landfilled. This technology investment is quite high and takes a long time to do.

3. Contract energy management

The hardware industry is classified as a high-energy-consuming industry and faces the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction. However, the investment in energy conservation and environmental protection is relatively large. It is a long-term way to develop a low-carbon economy in a profit-making manner. Contract energy management It has brought new development opportunities to hardware companies.

Contract energy management refers to an energy-saving service company as a third party, which invests in it, leases energy-saving equipment to enterprises, and saves the energy saved. Assume that the company originally had to pay 1 million electricity bills per month. After the transformation, it only needs to pay 500,000 yuan. In the 500,000 yuan saved each month, 400,000 yuan may be handed over to third parties, but this 400,000 is not directly related to the project. Investment, and the company can still earn 100,000 yuan a month. Contract energy management has a certain period of time. After the contract is over, not only all the money saved will be owned by the enterprise, but also the property rights of the equipment.

The contract energy management business is relatively late in China, but in this way, the hardware companies themselves have not directly invested, but can achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction, and the industry can also get superiors. Why not? It is believed that the energy-saving mode of contract energy management will be adopted by more and more hardware companies.

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