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Huida sanitary ware is believed to be familiar to everyone. Huida sanitary ware was established in 1982, and Tangshan Huida Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established. It has been developing for 20 years and has already had 1.3 billion assets and more than 10,000 names. Employees, and this number is still climbing, following the small series to see how to Huida bathroom, for your reference.

Huida bathroom introduction

Huida sanitary ware was born in 1982. After years of hard work and development, it has now become a well-known brand in China. As the cultural successor of Tangshan Ceramics, Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. at the beginning of its establishment and regards the quality of its products as the life of the company, implements all-dimensional and three-dimensional management and control of product quality, and resolutely eliminates the shipment of substandard products. It pioneered the bathroom industry.

Huida bathroom how

Huida is an old brand. Tangshan Ceramics has always been a famous brand in China. You said that Huida has used a lot of projects and is a mid-range product. It is also an excellent product in the current domestic competition and can be used with confidence. It is half the price compared to the first-line TOTO, American Standard, and in recent years this company has developed rapidly in the new bathroom equipment!

Huida ware is very good. Many people are using it. Sanitary ware products used by people are often decorated with white glazes to show the appearance of their white jade. However, the coolness of its color makes many people feel uncomfortable. Nowadays, people generally recognize the appearance of products based on a variety of opaque white glazes that are attached to other colors and shades. Sanitary ware companies should use a variety of glazes in conjunction with each other to create a variety of popular new decorative colors.

With the constant renewal of people's aesthetic perspective and the drastic changes in demand at home and abroad, it is necessary to accelerate the development of a new generation of glaze-colored decorative products and to strengthen the new color decoration of products. For example, pink, dark red, pink blue, dark blue, wine bottle green, pumpkin yellow, light apricot yellow, tender bamboo, black and other colors newly appeared on new sanitary wares in recent years are very popular among consumers.

Huida bathroom how

Huida sanitary ware products are also particularly meticulous in design, and their products are environmentally friendly and healthy, with advantages such as energy saving and water saving. The appearance of the product is very unique, natural, and has a clear outline. The design has its own unique understanding of the company, so its design has different characteristics. There are a number of different styles, such as the night banquet Huazhang, the iceberg snowfield, the Jade Lotus dialect, and the Mediterranean style. Very beautiful and beautiful.

Huida sanitary ware toilets adopt a large pipe design, which fully utilizes each space to make it particularly smooth and unobstructed. The toilet's design is very human, as shown in the figure, all aspects are done very well, very nuanced. All of them are accelerated tests with different water quality, but they can withstand many different degrees of water impulses. Its products are made using a complex process of molding. Very detailed and in place.

Huida sanitary ware bathroom washbasin, the surface of the material from the nano-self-cleaning glaze, and the use of one-piece molding process made of oak solid wood cabinets will be integrated into the right washbasin. It is rather rustic. The material of the faucet is made of pure copper and chrome plated. The coating is even and smooth. Its manufacturing process is also meticulous. It is not used for a long time and its appearance is smooth and clean. As can be seen, the design of the Huida sanitary ware is very large under the surface design. Kung fu.

Huida bathroom how

Huida Sanitaryware conducted special market research and product research and development for the elderly, and launched an appropriate series of sanitary ware products. Humanized design, care for the elderly, use more convenient! The shape of the wash basin takes into account the possibility of elderly people washing in wheelchairs, and the front is concave for easy washing. The metal bar next to the pot can be used to hang a towel. When the elderly people come in wheelchairs, they can use it to pull the body closer to the bowl. In addition, the basin has increased the design of retaining water along the children, preventing water from flowing to the ground, causing the floor to be smooth and preventing the elderly from falling down.

Taking into account the prevalence of poor vision and mobility in the elderly, the overall height of the elderly series of toilets has increased, making it easier for elderly people to flush water after use, without having to bend over. Automatic deodorant toilet intelligent deodorization, automatic operation, intelligent human design, ozone negative ions can effectively kill the toilet bowl and air bacteria and harmful particles in the air, clean air, meet higher bathroom requirements, bring the elderly more More care.

Editor's summary: As for how to use Huida sanitary ware, I will introduce it to you. I hope to help you, and more information on the decoration will be on this site. Please stay tuned.

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