How to choose environmental wood paint

The purchase of wood lacquer is very important. The environmental protection of wood lacquer in home improvement lacquer determines the 90% environmental protection index of lacquer lacquer. At present, there are three types of wood lacquer on the market: nitrolacquer, polyester paint and waterborne wood lacquer. These three types of products have their own advantages, so how to buy environmentally friendly wood paint it? Here we will take a look at how to correctly choose the most suitable environmental protection wood paint for your home decoration needs.

How to choose environmental wood paint


It is mainly suitable for the painting of various handicrafts in the home, but other large-area decoration areas are not recommended. Its advantages are: easy drying, renovation and repair, simple proportioning, convenient construction, and good hand feeling. And its shortcomings: environmental protection is relatively poor compared to PU, W lacquer, easy to yellow, fullness and high gloss effect is more difficult to make, construction over time, high coating costs, easy to aging and so on.

Waterborne Wood Coatings

It is recommended to use water-based wood lacquer for home decoration. Its advantage is that the environmental protection is much better than the nitrocellulose paint and the polyester paint. At the same time, compared with the nitrocellulose paint and the polyester paint, it also has the advantages of not easy yellowing, quick dry speed and convenient construction. However, its disadvantage is that it has relatively high temperature and humidity requirements for the construction environment, and the cost will be higher than that of nitrocellulose paint and polyester paint products.

Polyester paint

Currently used widely, about 60% of home improvement is the use of such products. Its advantages are wide range of applications, wear resistance, heat resistance, good water resistance, high construction efficiency, low coating cost, and its disadvantages are high construction environment requirements, paint film damage is not easy to repair, and the use time after the paint is limited .

Attention should be paid to the purchase of primers and topcoats when purchasing. Wood lacquer not only relates to the beauty and comfort of the living environment, but also relates to the health of the family. It should look for a brand or a regular powerful dealer. Product security check. General big brands have systems that can conduct product security checks.

The above about how to buy wood environmental protection paint on the simple introduction to here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

New home environmental wood paint

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