Does the kitchen have to drain the kitchen floor?

Floor drain products are important components in the household sewerage system and are widely used in kitchens, balconies, and other spaces. Among them, the kitchen space is rather special, and the residues in cooking sinks and other places need to be cleaned to avoid clogging. So, does the kitchen have to leak ? If you have a floor drain, how can you use a floor drain? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Does the kitchen have to drain the kitchen floor?

In the kitchen, due to the use of wastes such as cooking debris, it is easy to cause clogging. Some owners will confuse whether or not to set a floor drain.

In fact, in ordinary life, the discharge of water in the kitchen area still needs to be installed to prevent the flooding of the kitchen space. Of course, food and other residues need to be cleared in time to avoid the blockage of the floor drain.

If it causes floor drain plugging, you can use half a cup of cooked soda powder to pour into the sewer, add half a cup of vinegar, and remove grease after reaction; you can also use fire alkali, put it into the sewer, then pour hot water, after chemical changes As the temperature rises, the grease dissolves.

Considering that wastes such as kitchen debris are prone to odors, how good is a floor drain?

The selection of kitchen floor drains should consider the use of products with good deodorant performance, and there are submarines and very cores on the market.

1. The submarine deodorant floor drain is a product of Beijing Runde Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd. and is dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of floor drain system solutions. It has a complete range of products, novel styles, and thoughtful service. It has received the trust and trust of consumers and has been found in the floor drain industry. A good reputation;

2, very core deodorant floor drain, Beijing Zhong Jian Shengda Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd.'s products, is committed to the indoor drainage system solutions, the main push-type ground drain, pay attention to environmental protection and energy saving, user-friendly design, customer satisfaction is also quite high.

Does the kitchen have to leak ? There are no hard requirements and can be designed according to your own renovation needs. The above is a good introduction to how the kitchen does not leak or how to use the kitchen floor drain. We hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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