Environmental monitoring needs high-definition intelligence to deal with air pollution

Environmental monitoring needs high-definition intelligence to deal with air pollution These days, when we walked out of our homes, we always felt hazy. There was a pungent smell in the air. On January 13, in the 120 major cities' air quality daily report of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the pollution index reached or approached 500, which means that the highest level of polluting cities is still only 4, Shijiazhuang, Handan, Baoding and Beijing. In recent days, even the mild climate of Hangzhou, south of the Yangtze River, has seen continuous haze. The situation of the environment is worrying. Then, how does environmental security monitoring work and how do you solve the environmental problems?

First, video surveillance applications: intelligent analysis into hot spots Earlier, the content of environmental monitoring was mainly concentrated in industrial pollution sources. It generally involves many aspects such as online instrument monitoring, data communication, database management application and information management. The core of monitoring lies in collecting time-sensitive and reliable environmental information, providing real-time data through advanced transmission technologies, and using advanced information mining methods to improve the utilization and sharing of environmental information and maximize the provision of environmental monitoring and management. Timely and scientific basis.

Video Surveillance Integrated in Environmental Monitoring System Simple data monitoring is mainly conducted by installing environmental detection equipment at the pollution source discharge station to collect and monitor pollutant discharge data such as sulfur dioxide, chemical oxygen demand, and dust, and monitor the results in a wired or wireless manner. Send to the information center server. This method only feeds back relevant data collected, and cannot see the real conditions of the front-end sewage outlet and control equipment, and lacks intuitive images.

In recent years, under the guidance of the principle of vigorously advocating the establishment of a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society, China's environmental monitoring technology has also been significantly improved. The current environmental monitoring system also integrates an environmental video surveillance system. In the environmental protection monitoring system, the front-end equipment is also often “placed” in the sewage site to collect the video signals of the discharge port and the sewage treatment facilities and send it to the monitoring host. The monitoring host transmits these signals and data to the EPA through the communication network. monitoring Center. The system can well understand whether the company's polluting equipment is operating normally, whether it is stolen or not, and it also facilitates real-time online monitoring of relevant data.

The combination of video surveillance and environmental monitoring is not hard and fast. Through the docking of the video surveillance system with the environmental monitoring system and the superposition and correlation of images and data, it is easy to see the monitoring point image and data information, and realize the correlation between the data and the image. You can see the image when you look at the data, and you can see the data when you look at the image. Through the combination of video and data, false data can be effectively prevented and on-site problems can be discovered in a timely and intuitive manner.

The application of intelligent analysis into high-temperature (1080P, 720P) and intelligent (intelligent identification, intelligent analysis, etc.) applications of environmental monitoring hotspot monitoring systems has become the current trend of environmental monitoring. The combination of high-definition technology and IP technology will provide users with unprecedented data transmission and picture quality experience. Through high-definition 1080p, 720p video surveillance systems, users will be able to distinguish the details of the finest details of the scene and the scene, applicable to more environmental monitoring systems, sewage, air, dust on-site monitoring of the actual needs. High-definition video surveillance will provide greater ease of use, clarity, and monitoring applications for more complex environments for environmental monitoring.

The intelligent analysis system judges whether the environmental conditions are normal through the acquisition and analysis of video, audio, and data. If abnormal conditions such as pollutants are exceeded, an automatic alarm will be issued to prompt the environmental monitoring and management department to pay attention to and handle the problem in a timely manner. The occurrence of major pollution incidents.

At the same time, intelligent analysis has gradually become a hot spot for environmental monitoring. The intelligent analysis system judges whether the environmental conditions are normal through the acquisition and analysis of video, audio, and data. If abnormal conditions such as pollutants are exceeded, an automatic alarm will be issued to prompt the environmental monitoring and management department to pay attention to and handle the problem in a timely manner. The occurrence of pollution incidents.

Wireless monitoring and wired monitoring While the mainstream of environmental monitoring in actual projects is still cable monitoring, wireless technology has become an integral part of environmental monitoring. According to Lin Liting, Director of Shanghai Marketing Department of Huiyou Anke Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., it is now fully possible to use the latest, highly compressed H.264 video compression algorithm, via GPRS, EDGE, Unicom CDMA, Telecommunications Tianyi. Wireless networks such as these can achieve a high-definition video surveillance effect of 5-20 frames/sec. without the need for network cabling and antenna installation. With the deepening of the maturity of 3G applications in the communications field, mobile phones, PDAs, notebook computers and other forms of mobile terminals are bound to quickly integrate into environmental monitoring systems.

Second, the development of environmental protection monitoring, high-definition intelligent direction China's environmental protection issues are also highly valued, the State Council issued a comprehensive energy-saving emission reduction work program, the establishment of energy-saving emission reduction statistics, monitoring, assessment index system and target responsibility system assessment evaluation system, plus The adjustment of the industrial structure was greatly strengthened, and it was clearly required to implement automatic on-line monitoring of the pollution sources and treatment facilities that the country mainly monitors. Security monitoring in the field of environmental protection is particularly important. The current environmental protection system, in addition to video and audio monitoring, has increasingly exhibited simultaneous display of pollution source monitoring images and data, intelligent analysis, linkage of data abnormality alarms, visualized emergency treatment of sudden environmental events, and emergency command and dispatch. Series application trends.

Environmental monitoring application status and bottleneck analysis Based on the above background, a variety of environmental monitoring systems have emerged and have been widely deployed and applied. However, at present, most environmental protection monitoring systems only implement data monitoring functions, such as the real-time collection and monitoring of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand emissions from blowdown points, but they do not realize the image monitoring function and cannot visually see the actual images of the blowdown points. The actual state of pollution is not fully understood. For this reason, it is imperative to establish a pollution source video surveillance system centered on environmental protection departments at all levels and related polluting companies.

The traditional video surveillance of analog images is usually based on localized monitoring applications. Each monitoring point independently sets up a monitoring system. Although it can be connected through the network and achieve simple access to image functions, due to the lack of unified planning and design, how to The environment monitoring business features more convenient and flexible access to images, data, and emergency command for emergent environmental events still lacks sufficient thinking, resulting in passive environmental monitoring.

At the same time, due to the limitation of the resolution of the analog camera technology, most analog camera equipment can only provide image data based on the CIF, 4CIF, and D1 formats. When an environmental pollution event occurs, the video screen can only barely present the pollution scene. The outline of the pollution, the details of the pollution are ambiguous, and it does not provide the key role of providing on-site certification and clues. Moreover, these video image data are limited to image browsing applications, and they can no longer meet the needs of the current high-definition, data-based synchronization of environmental protection systems in terms of image clarity, fluency, and environmental data applications, and have constrained the pollution of environmental protection systems. The overall effect of source monitoring and control.

High-definition intelligent network monitoring applications for the actual needs of environmental monitoring, combined with advanced technology and applications, Kodak proposed high-definition intelligent networked environmental monitoring program, the program to the IP transmission network, H.264 protocol group for the transmission basis, is set 1080p, 720p High-definition image, audio monitoring and intercom, data overlay, intelligent analysis and alarm, visual command and scheduling as one integrated application system.

Through the high-definition intelligent network environmental protection monitoring program, it can realize the collection, transmission/conversion, display/storage of video and audio and alarm information, authority management, and ensure the safety of information, emergency management and scheduling of environmental events, and other functions. Through the camera system, the areas where frequent pollution incidents occur are continuously monitored, and the monitoring areas and pollution source monitoring points are adjusted remotely by the control center and the sub-control center. The environmental protection department can understand the situation in real time and supervise it without leaving home. In the event of a pollution incident, the on-site video recording can be consulted and displayed in tandem with the environmental monitoring data to facilitate the investigation and processing. The on-site monitoring mode can be changed from the traditional single type, extensive type to integrated type, intelligent type, and intensive type. The efficiency of environmental management.


At present, the application of security technology in environmental protection is mainly focused on the monitoring of corporate pollution sources. With the strengthening of environmental awareness and the maturing of security technologies, security technology will gradually penetrate into all areas of the environmental protection industry, monitoring from a narrow area to a full range of fields. The development of monitoring, such as nature reserves, forest fire prevention, and wetland monitoring, has brought both opportunities and challenges to the security industry. Looking ahead, we believe that security technology will surely be applied to a large extent in the field of environmental protection.

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